sikhya jyoti

Project: Sikhya Jyoti of Sukher Chador

Sikhya, means education. education is the pillar of a strong and prosperous society or a country. Sukher Chador had always dreamt of making this pillar strong by giving a helping hand to that backward section of the society, where kids have the merit but are deprived of reaching their goals due to their financial crisis. Finally, Sukher Chador could make this dream come true, through its ” Sikhya Jyoti ” project. We hope to fulfill our dream of providing financial assistance to more and more underprivileged children of the society in the field of education with the help of our friends who have always been our source of encouragement.

In this project, we prefer monthly donation of any amount minimum is 100 or more.

Donation shall qualify for deduction vide DIN & Order No. ITBA/EXM/S/80G/2020-21/1031341040(1) Dated 09/03/2021. PAN No:- AAZAS5484L